January 18, 2017

You can’t go to Middle Quarters in St. Elizabeth and not have Jamaican Pepper Shrimp! You can buy them from street vendors and local restaurants everywhere. You’ll see them in bags hanging on roadside fruit stalls and won’t mistake their bright orange colour. Pepper Shrimp are a fiery street snack using the whole shrimp, head and all. Part of the fun is peeling them and popping the spicy meat in your mouth. What you’ll get is a thoroughly flavoured salty-spicy addictive treat. Traditional Pepper Shrimp are cooked a long time and that’s why the shell is so bright and meat dry, but flavourful. Our recipe is a quick and modern version of traditional Pepper Shrimp, and just as delicious. If you can find whole shrimp go for it, otherwise shrimp tails will do. Quickly sautéed in garlic and scotch bonnet peppers, these juicy, spicy shrimp make the perfect appetizer or snack … and yes, they are so additive. Enjoy!


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Fay & Angela

In our family cooking is a loving gesture. Our mission is to spread that love around the world by sharing our beloved family recipes. Our Jamaican recipes have been passed down for generations, are easy to prepare and very authentic! We know you'll love them. Enjoy!

Fay & Angela

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