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Most Jamaicans learn how to cook by watching a beloved family member pour love into their cooking. “A l likkle bit of dis and a likkle bit a dat,” is how food is measured and made. Fay not only gives you access to her family’s treasured Jamaican recipes, you’ll also get access to her step-by-step cooking videos to follow for cooking ease and success.

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“We started the website to document my mother’s recipes for our family, but it has become abundantly clear that our extended family is everyone around the world who loves Jamaican food!”


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Fay never forgets to include the most important ingredient in every dish she makes…LOVE. Watch Fay spread the love in her cooking lesson videos that make her recipes so easy to duplicate and enjoy!

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What People are Saying …

“I must say the cornmeal pudding is and was wonderful. I work in the White House as a chef, and we tried your recipe, it is good. So our next stop is to put it on our dessert menu here. Keep doing what you do and I will keep trying it here at the BIG HOUSE. – A.A, Executive White House Chef

“You are so lovely ! This recipe was the bomb. My husband says my cooking tastes different … in a good way! Your site has truly given me the knowledge I was looking for to become a better cook and try something new. I feel like an iron chef in the kitchen when I follow you. Thanks so much for sharing ! – Ronda

“This was delicious! My husband is Jamaican so I am trying out new recipes for him, and for my son to learn about the culture as well. My husband said it was great and my 3 year old son couldn’t get enough! Thank you from Vancouver.” – Tessa


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