Jamaican Callaloo and Saltfish Recipe

Callaloo and Saltfish: This dish is one of my favourite things to eat on a Sunday morning after church. Callaloo cooked with bacon and saltfish is a traditional Jamaican recipe usually served for breakfast or lunch along with fried or boiled dumplings, boiled green bananas and fried plantains. Callaloo is from the spinach family. In Jamaica this dish is usually prepared with fresh callaloo, but I’m happy to use the canned version or fresh spinach, which is easier to find where I live.
Shopping tips: Salt cod can now be found in most supermarkets. If you can’t find it try a West Indian grocer or Portuguese fish store. In cities with large Jamaican communities canned callaloo is easy to find, or you can request a special order. Fresh spinach can be substituted for the callaloo, but doesn’t need as much cooking time. Just fold it into the other ingredients and remove the saucepan from the heat.

4                     Strips of bacon, chopped
3 tbsp            Cooking oil
1/2                 Medium onion, chopped
1/2                 Medium tomato, diced
6 oz                Salted cod
1 tsp              Pepper sauce (0ptional)
1                     Can of callaloo (19oz), drained
1 tsp              Black pepper
Salt to taste
1. Reduce the salt in the cod fish. Overnight method: remove skin and soak in cold
water overnight. Drain, flake and set aside. Same-day method: put codfish in a
saucepan with water and bring to a boil then drain. Repeat two more times; drain,
flake and set aside.

2. Drain canned callaloo in a colander and set aside
3. Fry chopped bacon in 2 tbsp of oil and set aside
4. Saute chopped onion and tomato in cooking oil until onion is transparent
5. Add bacon, flaked cod fish and 1 tbsp of oil to the saucepan
6. Gently fold in callaloo and sprinkle with remaining pepper
7. Cover and simmer  on low heat for four to five minutes

Serves 4

below to watch us make this recipe step by step.

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  • AshleyJ

    Thank you Fay! It came up great!

    • Terresa Simmonds

      Thank you, Love it, aslso I think Kale/collard greens would be a good substitute.

  • Patricia

    Terresa your recipe was very helpful cannot wait to try it Thank you