Jamaican Coconut Drops Recipe

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  • Sliimm

    My mother makes these every day to sell at church functions and etc. They all love it because it is a rare find here in South Jersey. My mother makes peanut & Coconut drops… I love coming home to the smell of freshly made drops

  • lee powell

    I cannot retrieve the recipes from anything on the site and I am logged in. Did I miss something? I have been on your site for quite sometime and I love all of your dishes and especially my husband who is from May Pen, Jamaica.

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Lee,
      80 percent of the recipes on this site are available to all visitors, however we now have a paid gold membership option for those who want an enriched experience that includes some exclusive recipes and videos. This recipe and video is available to all gold members. Click here for a free trial membership: http://www.CookLikeAJamaican.com/register

  • zora

    I am a gold member. However, the recipes are hard to get to. I sped so much time trying to get the recipe that I am thinking twice about being a gold member. How do you retrieve these recipes?

  • Zora

    When I try to get the recipe I get your blog. How do I get the recipe?I looked up coconut drops and this is what I get.Jamaican coconut drops are more than a treat! They’re an integral part of our heritage! That’s because they’re made in home kitchens all over the island and can be bought at every small or large grocer. Depending on where you’re from on the island, you either call them coconut drops, like I do, or cut cake. Cut cake is a fitting name because you have to cut up a lot of coconut to make them LOL! You don’t need a lot of ingredients, and the only trick is to make sure that you don’t “drop” them too earlier or they won’t get hard they way they should be. Because I like ginger, my recipe is sweet and spicy with lots of flavour! It’s sure to bring back wonderful memories.

  • Cook Like A Jamaican

    Hi Angelina,
    I’m sorry, but I don’t think you’ll have success using either of these substitutions. I’m not sure where you live, but I’m surprised you can’t find whole coconuts. They sell them wrapped in plastic in most supermarkets where I live. Blessings, Fay