Jamaican Curry Chicken Recipe

When I was growing up in Jamaica curry goat was cooked for special occasions. This recipe using chicken is one I cook as an everyday meal. In Jamaica most people use tomatoes in their curry recipe, but I prefer to use red and green bell peppers instead, and a tablespoon of ketchup and West Indian pepper sauce to add some zip!

Serving Suggestion: Curry chicken is traditionally served with steamed white rice or Jamaican rice and peas along with a salad.


4lbs Chicken, chopped in small pieces (remove skin)
2 Tbsp Lemon juice (for washing chicken)
3 tsp Salt
3/4 tsp Black pepper
6 tbsp Curry Powder (access the best curry powder now)
4 Cloves garlic, chopped finely
1/4 Small red bell pepper, finely chopped
1/4 Small green bell pepper, finely chopped
1 Large cooking onion, chopped
2 Tbsp Cooking oil
1 tsp Cumin seeds, not powder (optional)
1 tsp Dried thyme or 1 sprig fresh thyme
1 Tbsp Tomato ketchup
1 Tbsp West Indian hot pepper sauce (optional)
3 cups Water
2 Medium potatoes, cut in 6 pieces each


Cut and wash chicken: Cut chicken into serving pieces (not too small) and remove and discard skin. Pour lemon juice over chicken, wash in cold water, drain well and dry with paper towel

Season chicken with 2tsp salt, black pepper, 3 Tbsp of curry powder and chopped garlic; put chicken in fridge for 1 hour to absorb spices

1. Add cooking oil to saucepan and heat on High; saute cumin seeds for 1/2 minute
then add chopped onion, green and red bell peppers,

2. Add thyme, pepper sauce, 3 Tbsp curry powder, 1 tsp salt and tomato ketchup; sauce onion and peppers until just tender

3. Add 1 cup of boiling water and, when sauce is boiling, add chicken. Fold in chicken until it is well covered with sauce and seasonings; add 1 1/2 cups of boiling water; cover and bring to a rolling boil

4. Lower heat to medium, add potatoes and add 1/2 cup water, cover and simmer (slow boil) until chicken is tender and sauce thickens (about 1/2 hour)

5. Taste and adjust with salt, if needed.

Serves 6
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curry chicken
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  • Jenny

    Hi Fay just wanted say a big thnak you for sharing your receipes. I am in South Wales and tried the chicken curry surprised at how easy it was to make , keep up the good work

  • faye

    Hi Fay

    Tonight I made this dish. I scaled the measurements down for 2 people and it worked wonderfully.
    My partner said it was very good (a mean feat as he is incredibly fussy when it comes to food!)
    This was the first dish of yours I have attempted and I’m looking forward to trying out the rest!

    Thanks a lot


  • Olive

    Tried this recipe last night for my hubby and I. Turned out fabulous! Thank you so much,


  • Shay

    I’m cooking this recipe for the first time I hope that it comes out as good as your…I’ll post pics after complete.

  • Chris

    Hi Fay:
    Is Jamaican curry powder used in this recipe different than say Indian curry powder? And if so what curry would you recommend?

  • tom

    Hi, Tried this on friday, very nice, was a little too hot for my friends so i added some coconut milk for them, I like the fact that there is not too much oil as in Indian cooking which I do a lot of. I will be trying more of your recipes this week. thankyou for posting them.

  • Joanne

    Hi Fay,
    I’ve just tried this recipe for the first time, in fact, it’s my very first attempt at JAmaican food,
    It tastes absolutely wonderful, thank you so, so much.
    There’ll be no stopping me now.
    Such a simple but such a delicious recipe. I’m going to try your Curry Goat recipe next and the Red Snapper.
    Jo, London UK

  • sherry

    Hi fay !

    after 2/3 years of searching on the net for Jamaican recipes i think i finally found someone that i can learn from & understand and makes it so easy to do ! i have a few Jamaican recipe books but they do confuse me a little from looking at your recipes you make it so simple . My partners mum is Jamaican and I’ve never had her over for dinner ( bad on my part i know) 🙁 the dishes i have tried to cook never seem to turn out Jamaican style !! but now I’ve found you & your recipes i should invite my mother in-law over for dinner ( after i tested the new found cooking on my partner of course ) lol Ill be trying the curry chicken at some point this week will let you know how i get on .

    take care

  • Jordan

    How long did you leave the chicken and potatoes to cook for? Half an hour or 1-2 hours?

  • Sharon

    Made this the other night, along with the rice and peas and it was delicious. The curry was a bit too spicy for the kids, but I read another post that said they used coconut milk to ‘calm” it down, and it worked. Everyone loved it. The kids and hubbie all ate seconds. The video really made it easy to follow.

  • amanda

    thanks for much for taking the time to make out thise recipies..i can tell you know exactly what to do… i am going to attempt this chicken tmrw!!

  • Jay

    Made this dish about 2 months ago…It was a hit. I also tried the Brown stew chicken and thought I was doing it wrong until it was done and omgggggg Sooooooo delish! Thanks Fay….my boyfriend can’t wait to try the curry chicken tonight! Great meal during hurricane Sandy!

  • April

    I made the curry chicken with peas and rice for Sunday dinner and my ENTIRE family raved about how good it was. I have two brother-in-laws from Jamaica and I have always enjoyed eating their foods, but never really tried to make it on my own . Well now that I have found you Fay – I will be “Cooking like a Jamaican” all the time. Your recipes are so easy to follow and the taste is authentic – Thank you so much for sharing your recipes and making them so easy for a novice like me. Can’t wait to try the Brown Stew Chicken!!!!

  • Codie


    I love cooking I think like most you make is so easy for every one to follow Your recipes and watching the video made me more confident trying it thank you so much. I would like to know 2 things would using just boneless skinless chicken breast be ok too I think so but thought I would ask and how much oil do you use roughly and any oil and you would recommend using.

    Canada Ontario

  • Myriam

    Omg!! I tried this recipe yesterday for the first time. I did not have an onion, nor did I have cumin seeds to make the dish exactly how Faye made hers but my husband who is from the islands (Antigua) absolutely loved it and had seconds; which brings joy to any real cook. I will be saving this recipe and making this dish again! Thank you so much!

  • Audra

    Hi Faye.
    I’m looking forward to this being my lunch for the rest of the week (served with white rice and green banana). Well, my and my 15month old Son’s lunch. He adores food.
    I’ll have to substitute the bell peppers for tomatoes today as I don’t have any (and I just came from the supermarket…sigh).
    Keep bringing us these delicious recipes and God’s richest blessings on you, your film crew and your Family. Lots of love and support from Antigua xx

    P.S. I’m a subscriber of yours on your YouTube channel, “CookLikeAJamaican”.

  • Sharon

    Fallen in love with your videos and recipes! Tried this one this evening and everyone fell in love with it…so must pass the props over to you! Look forward to trying some more soon! Thank you!
    With love from London!

  • jay caddy

    im nigerian, and i tried the recipe for the curry chicken – all i can say is wow – it was so tasty i ended up at the emergency after losing all my fingers from licking the curry chicken

  • richard mortley

    fay cooked your curry chicken tonight for the wife and kids as we all love jamiacan food as we are regular visitors to that wonderful island And i must say that recipe was devine . I am cooking the brown stew chicken tomorrow and i know it will taste just as good. Jah bless one love the mortleys from london england xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • ajax

    I tried this and it was REALLY GOOD!
    THANKS for such a great website.

  • Janice

    Tried this recipe, it was a total success.
    Thank you for video, it made cooking so easy.
    Did I subscribe ??
    Oh definitely YES !
    Looking forward to trying many more recipes ( and so are my two sons, they loved the curry )
    Again, thank you.

  • Alex

    Great recipe!!!!! I will be trying to other soon!!

  • Jina

    Hello Miss Fay!
    Last night I cooked curry chicken for the third time. Now everyone of my family is hooked on this dish including my son’s girlfriend ! I had to promise her to teach her how to make it next time I cook it again! Your recipe is really great to follow and curry was done to perfect! I only cooked 2 cups of rice and ran out of it by the end of dinner! 4 people ate very well with seconds! If I had more rice, we all might had the third! Lol
    Thank you!!!!

  • Petra

    Thumbs up! Just made this rave reviews from myself and my hubby. So easy to do and great flavors. Will definitely make again.

  • Trenita

    Hi Fay,

    I tried this recipe last night and it was a hit with my family. Very easy to follow. Looking forward to try more of your recipes. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Jackie

    I made this for my family today and it was wonderful. In fact, it was better than what I usually get in the Jamaican restaurants in my area. I am not Jamaican, however, I LOVE Jamaican food; and since I have long time friends that are Jamaican and that cook VERY well, I know when I’ve gotten good food. This was excellent and I am so pleased with myself. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  • Deepa

    Made this last night and it turned out wonderful! Thanks Fay!

  • JDub

    Big Tings A GWON! Thank you… My yaad gal made me curry and I try it on my own with your style and it GOOD! Thanks Love…

  • Lesleigh

    I made this dish along with the peas and rice and my Jamaican boyfriend loved it!! Thank you so much for the recipes and your time!!

  • sophia

    Can you please name some brands of pepper sauce? I don’t think your talking about regular hot sauce.

    • Cook Like A Jamaican

      Hi Sophia,
      You can go wrong with any brand of West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce. Usually it has a papaya base and is orange rather than red. Fay

  • Shoes

    Greetings Miss Fay, my family has been following you for about 2 years now and never not once had a bad meal. Im truly a fan. I normally follow your recipes all the way through. I wanted to try 1 slight change on the curry chicken recipe. Instead of adding tomato ketchup, I wanted to try a fresh tomato as a substitute. What you think for your suggestion is very important.

    • Cook Like A Jamaican

      I believe in being creative when cooking to get the result you prefer that’s why I use ketchup, which is not traditional. So I say go for it and let me know how it works out. Blessings, Fay

  • Jackie

    Great website. Thank you so much for sharing. I love Jamaican food and I am going to try this Curry Chicken recipe tonight, it’s my favorite dish so far.

  • Juliet Cade

    Thank you Miss Faye. I have finally perfected the curry chicken thanks to your video. I was born in St. Elizabeth Jamaica but raised in the U.S. from age 5. My mother and sisters have tried to teach me but I couldn’t quite get it. I’m so excited to try some of your other recipes. Thanks for taking the time to share and teach! God Bless you!

  • Alexis

    I made this today and it was awesome……..thanks for sharing your recipes

  • Zabrina

    Hello Ms. Faye-

    Question, which Jamaican curry would you prefer that I use when cooking curry anything?

    Jamaican curry when being cooked awakens my senses 🙂

  • candace

    Hey Faye! I just want to say that this recipe is amazing! Well at least it has my house smelling great right now. I have tried and been unsuccessful with recipes for Jamaican curry chicken before. This already looks like a winner. Thanks so much. As a woman married to a man from Montego Bay, I know he will enjoy this!!!!

  • Sandra

    Fay, I use to work for the Airlines and would travel to Jamaica every chance I got. I fell in love with the country, culture and the wonderful food. It reminded me so much of my youth growing up in the deep south. I have tried to make Jamaican dishes on a whim of my own imagination and never could get close. Thank you so much dear for sharing and I do hope you have a cook book for sale some day. I have made lots of your recipes and have a pot of curried chicken on the stove now and it smells so awesome. You are an angel. Sincerely very much a Jamerican by choice. Keeping Irie

  • Nene

    Just finished this delicious dish. O my I almost ate it all, but I remembered I must share. I appreciate you sharing this delicious meal.

  • Adri

    This is just as good if not better than a restaurant ! I love all your recipes and this is the first one that I tried only change I made was to cook it longer ( love my meat we’ll done) I feel like you did me a favour everyone loved it, please post more recipes so I can be a great cook like you 🙂

  • Lora West

    Hi Fay,
    I love your recipes. I was raised with a Jamaicain mother. Unfortunately, I wasn’t interested in learning to cook my favorite Jamaicain dishes. Just eating them. Lol After my mother passed I so wished I paid attention. You are truly heaven sent because now I can make all my favorites. And come to find out my brothers use your delicious recipes too. I feel like I’m learning from my grandmother while watching your video because you favor each other.
    Thanks Fay

  • Chris

    Outstanding recipe! I really enjoyed this one – I used Chief curry powder and added a habanero.. thanks!

  • Enice

    How yummy I love your method of curry chicken my husband ( Jamaican ) cooks this dish often I also cook it often always have done since being a black child in London but using the cumin seeds was adorable tasted great thanks

  • Jaleesa

    I followed the recipe to a T. My curry chicken turned out so good! My hubby is Jamaican & I feel so honored to cook something from his roots. He keeps raving about it!!! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes.

  • Pati

    God! thank you for this website! this dish was absolutely the best what i ate with curry 🙂 i’m form Poland and i was searching something new to eat, and now i can boldly say that Jamaican Cuisine is my favorite 🙂 thanks a lot!

  • Kathy

    Your curry goat was amazing. My husband made it for the first time this past weekend & it is the best I have tasted since we left Toronto 25 years ago. Now we are going to try your chicken.

  • Noreen

    I am going to cook the chicken curry dish for dinner, after reading reviews I cannot wait for outcome and I know its going to be good.

  • Tamala

    I made this recipe tonight and it was sooooooo delicious. I used chicken tenderloins instead of chicken pieces. Aso far as the seasonings go I didn’t have to tweek anything. I haven’t had food like this since I moved from Brooklyn, NY. I am definitely going to try more of these recipes. Thank you so much Fay!

  • Jane Campbell

    Hi I am going to cook your curry recipe today but I have a question, could I swap the pepper sauce for scotch bonnet chillies?

    • Fay & Angela

      Yes, if you prefer you can use fresh peppers instead.

  • Jane Campbell

    Hi we had this for dinner tonight (sent hubby to tesco for pepper sauce) it was amazing, will definitely make again very soon. I am really looking forward to trying other recipes on your site. Thank you.

  • Paul

    Last night I watched movie about restaurant and food and got inspired to cook curry chicken. I recently retired from work and cooking for my family is my job. Thank you! I like the fact that you teaching your daughter all this recipes.

  • josephine deck

    I made the curry with rice & peas on Wed & served to my daughter & her hubby on Thursday. They both raved about the authentic flavour. 2 comments/questions: my curry was bright yellow…I see yours has a more red/brown colour. I checked over the instructions & can’t figure out if I did someting wrong. It didn’t affect the flavour. Also my sauce (delicious) was thin…should it be thicker & how do you do that?
    Loving this site & can’t wait till I’m a full member to make the jerk chicken. Thank you.

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Josephine, the colour of the curry is related to the curry powder used. As long as the flavour is good the colour isn’t important. Did you use potatoes when you made the recipe? They help to thicken the sauce. If the chicken is cooked and tender but the sauce is thin, remove the chicken and then simmer the sauce until it thickens and add the chicken back to the pot. If you do this with the chicken in the pot the chicken will overcook and fall off the bone, which is not what you want. Blessings, Fay

  • josephine deck

    Thanks for the answers. I’m ok with the yellow colour since the flavour is excellent. I did use potatoes so next time I’ll thicken the sauce like you said if it turns out too thin. Blessings.

  • paula

    Hi fay I’ve been learning to cook Jamaican food for a while now but I can never find the right curry powder I just don’t no which is the best to use as some I’ve tried don’t give it that Jamaica taste especially when im cooking curried chicken..having jamaican in laws I am to please so help me fay I’m stuck in a rut haha…ps I made your lovely banana cake but I added a little white rum to it it was delish I must say!!! Thanks Paula x

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Paula,
      Thank you for your patience. I get asked a lot about which curry powder I use. I usually explain that I use the generic store brands where I shop with good results. Well, I have found a curry powder that I really love and will recommend because I’ve also found a place where everyone can purchase it online and it’s a product of Jamaica, too! You may also be able to find it locally. Click here: http://www.store.wholesomejamaica.com/island-spice-curry-powder/#aid=2153

  • Reneka

    Hi Faye, Thanks so much for the great curry chicken recipe!! It was delicious and so easy for my first time making it. Loved it!!

  • Silena

    Hi,What is the best way to alter the recipe for a larger crowd of 20 or more people, and still have the great flavor? Is there anything I should do different if using an authentic Jamaican curry such as Blue Mountain Curry? Do you use whole chicken, or chicken breasts? What\\’s better?

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Silena,
      Thank you for getting in touch. When I have to make food for a large group I feel more comfortable making two pots of rice or two pots of curry chickenbecause doubling the ingredients does not always equal the same result. The curry powder you use shouldn’t make much difference. Just taste as you go and adjust the amount according to your preference. I prefer to use bone-in chicken when I’m making curry chicken because it’s more forgiving. Chicken breast needs a watchful eye. If you overcook it it will become dry. Blessings, Fay

  • Silena

    Thanks so much Faye! I hadn\’t seen your post prior so I did double, but I did use two whole chickens as well. I watched your video on how to cut up the chicken, which was soooo very helpful. The curry chicken was a hit!! Everyone loved it. Mine did turn out more spicy than I personally care for, but I believe the JDC curry I used was a spicy curry. I see the Island Spice has a spicy and a mild. I will order that for next time. Thank you soooo much for your recipe\’s!

  • Kisha

    Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for a great recipe. I am a caterer and when my clients, who are from the Caribbean, asked for curry chicken, I found your recipe and video online. It was so good, they asked me for the recipe! You know it\’s a hit when the islanders ask for seconds!!! Well thanks again. I will be a constant visitor to your website.

  • Kathy

    Hi Fay..I am a Bajan but tried this curry recipe for the first time. My family loved it. Served it with black eyed peas and rice. The only thing I did different was I did not add the hot sauce. I put the bottle to the table and those who wanted could add their own. Delicious! Shared the recipe with my daughter, her hubby is Canadian but loves Jamaican curry chicken.

  • Yoli

    Faye,I just want to say you are a very wonderful person to do such a nice thing for people. I have tried several of your recipes, this being my go to recipe if i want something hearty and quick. Please continue to update the site. I am looking forward to trying them all. I would like to make a request, can you do a video on how to use a pressure cooker.

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Yolanda,
      Glad to hear your enjoying my recipe. Thanks for your pressure cooker request… I’ll have to dust mine off to do that. LOL Fay

  • Becky

    Hi Faye….I am excited to try this recipe! I just have a question (probably a silly one) about the chicken. I am just confused on how you cut it up! When it says “Cut chicken into serving pieces (not too small) and remove and discard skin”, does that mean I should cut the meat off the bone in to small chunks? Or should I just butcher the chicken into legs, thighs, wings, etc. and leave the bones in? Probably a silly question but I was a bit confused. Thanks!

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Becky,
      Thank you for getting in touch. Yes, you just need to butcher the chicken with bones in and skin removed. Please watch our video about how to cut up a whole chicken. I think you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for: https://cooklikeajamaican.com/how-to-cut-a-whole-chicken/

  • Breana

    I made this last week and it was great! I love jamaican food and it tasted just like home cooked jamaican meals i eat all the time from friends.

  • Robin

    Hi Ms. Fay. I’ve tried a number of your dishes, mostly recently the red bean soup with beef … it was outstanding! I’ve cooked your curry chicken dish on several occasions and most recently I paired it with your fried plantain recipe… Outstanding. Now, I’d like to share the curry dish with my family for Thanksgiving and am expecting 25 guests. Your recipe serves six I want to make a serving size for 18 people. If I just triple the ingredients will I still have the same flavor? Best to you!.

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Robin,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m always happy to be of service. What I do when I want to make a big batch of one of my recipes like curry chicken I just get a few pots going instead of doubling or tripling the recipe. That way I can be sure it will come out right. Blessings, Fay

  • Nikki

    Can I just say this was AMAZINGGGGG! OMG, I thought at first there was too much salt in the recipe, follow by too much curry…I didn\’t have cumin seeds and I thought that would change the outcome of the dish but despite all my thoughts, this came out PERFECT at my VERY FIRST TRY! I love it so much I want to adopt your mom as my own 🙂 (ok that’s extreme but this made my day!). Thank you for so much for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. My family appreciates it 🙂

  • Emma

    Hi Fay,

    Can this curry be done in a slow cooker?


    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Emma,
      You cannot use this exact recipe to make a slower cooker curry. You will end up with too much liquid. Stay tuned we’re working on some Jamaican slow cooker recipes that you’ll love!
      Blessings, Fay

  • Karen

    Ok I was going to cook this dish with my daughter on Sat. Thawed frozen chicken out in bowl of water, she got busy ( buying home) so I put in fridge covered in water. Sun. Again now Monday can this still be cooked or should I throw out. She told me yesterday Just Cook it… LOL she’s. 26 I told in not in the mood anymore I was excited to spend some time with her 🙁 just got married he basically cooks LOL

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Karen,
      Sorry I wasn’t able to get to your sooner. What happened to that chicken? Fay

  • Dee

    It was an absolute hit! My daughter, ohhhhhhhhhhhh and Ummmmmm though the whole meal. She said MOM this is the best Curry Chicken I have ever had she kept repeating….Gimmme More, Gimmme More. Thanks for the wonderful, easy to follow recipe. Next on the list. Stew Chicken ! ! !

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Dee, Thanks for sharing your review… with sound effects too! LOL. Glad you and your daughter enjoyed the recipe. Blessings, F&A

  • Dmitri

    The curry is currently simmering on the stove while I write this review. I live in a place where good local food is scarce, this is A great meal and my family will love it! I added some rice into the equation, but other than that it’s a great aromatic recipe. Thank you!

  • Emma

    Hi Faye,

    I love Jamaican food and have practiced cooking various dishes over a few years now. I am trying out your recipe tonight with some additional carrot added and I am really looking fwd to trying it. There’s a lot of dishes I’ve not tried cooking yet and your site is brilliant! I am definitely going to try out some of your other recipes, thank you! 🙂 🙂

  • Susan

    Hi Faye, thank you for your Chicken Curry recipe, it was absolutely delicious, I have wanted to make a Jamaican Curry for ages, I have Curried Goat rice and peas and fried dumplings every Friday from my local and love that too, my partner said it was just as good as my local when I cooked it, I made the fried dumplings too, I don’t know where I went wrong but they were nice but quite hard inside. thank you so much for your help, you have made my day.

  • Stephanie

    I’m having a problem getting chicken curry recipe right. I never get gravy and the coating doesn’t stay on the chicken. Help!

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Stephanie,
      Sorry to hear you’re having problems. It’s impossible to make this recipe without making gravy. Please watch the video for further guidance. Blessings, Fay

  • Warren

    Can I just say that my wife just made this for our family and we eat a lot of curry chicken from authentic Caribbean restaurants here in Baltimore. It was by far the best curry chicken I have had including in Negril, Jamaica. Thank you so much for sharing your love.

  • Speed

    Hello Faye, I’m using your recipe for the 2nd time, it was so good the 1st time. Your recipe is easy to understand, you explain each step wonderfully. I’m in Stone Mountain, Ga; near Atlanta. P.S. Brown stew chicken is next.

  • Khaldun

    I will try this.tommorrow…and let u know what I think…sounds good to go…I leave the curry chicken up to.my family…but I am forced to cook tomorrow…for.fathers day…lol…ta ta

  • Zina

    hello Faye, my daughter keeps asking me to make some island shrimp. Do you have a recipe for it, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Brenden

    Hello Ms. Fay!!! I\’ve been wanting to make curry chicken for the longest. Im in love with the Jamaican culture and often wish I was apart. I just made this, I haven\’t eaten it yet, but I think I used too much water because the sauce did not thicken up. Is there anything I could do to thicken it???

  • Litchelle

    I am Jamaican background, but Canadian born and had no time for the kitchen growing up when my mom was in there, I\\’ve lived on my own for the past 10 years and still learning smh…I have to say I have attempted Curry Chicken a lot of times, even watched some youtube video\\’s. I did this recipe tonight and I must say it\\’s the best I have ever attempted so far. Thank you 🙂 I cooked with a dutch pot (which sweats it\\’s own juices), so I was iffy about adding the water…still did it regardless…Would you suggest still adding all that water into a dutch pot?

  • Jessica

    I’m so happy you have these recipes posted I am about to try this for my boyfriend who is here from Jamaica for the summer. Thanks for your guidance I reply with his response later tonight. Blessings

  • Deborah

    I made your Curry Chicken recipe on the weekend … just want to say it was delicious! Thanks!

  • Arshima

    Made this curry chicken, such an easy recipe and the flavor was on point. Thank you, will be making this more often. I love Caribbean food.

  • Nancy

    I made this curry chicken today and it came out perfect! I eat Caribbean food all the time, never thought I could make it. Looking forward to more recipes! Thank you!

  • Felicia

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I’ve been wanting to try and cook Caribbean dishes after my ‘Oh So Picky’ son fell in love with it. So, I used your recipe for tonight’s dinner. I love trying new recipes but, I wait for the responses from my family to see if it’s a keep or dump! When my children-Picky included- devoured the 1st helping and went back for #2…I knew You had made The Book! It was Delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Felicia,
      Thanks for reaching out. It’s always gratifying to hear when someone introduces one of our recipes to their family and they love it! Blessings, F&A

  • Janella

    Hello, I am so excited to try your curry chicken recipe, but I do have a question before I do…Is it ok to use cumin powder instead of the seeds? And if so, should I still saute it?

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Janella,
      Yes, you can use a small amount of cumin powder instead. You can add it the same time as the other ingredients.
      Blessings, Fay

  • Kendra

    I’m so glad I found your website. I’m living in Chicago and came from Brooklyn. There’s a severe lack of easily accessible Caribbean food options, so now I have to make them myself and your recipes taste so much like home. Thank you so so so much for sharing these and making my new home feel like my actual home!

  • Marshall

    Just wanted to say thank you for helping me make my first dish. When i don’t even know how to cook. Thank you so much!

  • mmarfinu

    Hi, do i have to put potatoes in the curry, could i not use cornflour to thicken it ?

    • Fay & Angela

      Adding potatoes is traditional but if you prefer you can certainly use corn starch to thicken the sauce.

  • ruth47

    I made this recipe before and it was very delicious
    and my granddaughter wanted this for her birthday meal ,can’t wait to surprise her yummmmmmy good!!!!

  • Laurel Wright

    Hi Fay,

    I just wanted to thank you for this recipe. Curry chicken is one thing I was afraid to make because I thought I would spoil it but this was very much on point. I have used your recipe several times now that I can do it by memory. A very experienced cook was very impressed with the dish. Thanks again and I enjoy your recipes.

  • JoJo

    Stumbled across this site and decided to try it out as I often do it differently as I am from Barbados. This was so nice but next time I will only use 2 cups of water instead as it was a little to much for me. Seasoning was great and out tasted delicious. Just looked how my mum cooks hers (she is Jamaican). Thanks!!x

  • tom


    I made the chicken again and even took some to my Jamaican neighbours 70th birthday party and they enjoyed it…and they are good cooks and hard to please!

    I will be trying the goat and snapper recipes this week. regards

  • Fay & Angela

    Hi Susanne, if your curry flavour isn’t as rich as you’d like it’s likely the curry powder you’re using, but marinating the chicken overnight will only help deepen the flavour.