Food and Family in London

This summer I went to London, England. That’s because I used to live there and thought it would be nice to visit my nieces and their families. So off I went with my daughter Diane and my grand-daughter Raine. And boy, did we have a good time. That’s because we were there for a big birthday celebration and all the hub bub that goes with that. For our family that includes cooking lots and lots of delicious food.

For us, food goes with family. And our family gatherings are food for the soul.

My niece Margaret is quite the cook and was cooking up a storm to get ready for her husband Stephen’s 50th birthday party! There was Escovitch Fish, Curry Chicken, Curry Goat, and more. We videotaped her as she showed me how she makes batches Rice and Peas for the big event. Click below to watch the fun!

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  • joyce

    I can see you all look alike and you enjoyed the cooking a lot and also you were having fun keep up the good work this is how I love family you are right there when they need you. Tell your niece she is very cute\’

  • Shalon

    Greetings ms Fay and a awesome jamaican tradition and the whole family gatherings its really nice to see you all have a great time there in jolly ol England,blessings

  • Doreen

    Which part did you go to?
    I live in West London, Holland Park.

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Doreen,
      I was in Croydon my dear, but lived in West London many years ago.

  • Isoline

    Bwoy I just love the recipes and the activities and the thing is they work to a T

  • Elaine


  • Vilma

    Great!! This come in time for my daughters and I to prepare for Thanksgivnig dinner for a crowd of about 60

  • Michelle

    I have found when cooking rice and peas in a large quantity, or even a small quantity, a rice cooker gives you perfect rice every time. Cook the peas in the normal way. My husband bought me a boss pressure cooker a few months ago and no need to soak peas overnight, the pressure cooker tenderizes them in 20 minutes bam. Once peas are soft, but not too soft and there will be further cooking when seasoning is added. Then I season the peas with onions, thyme, whole scotch bonnet, bayleaf and coconut milk made with fresh coconut, I follow Fay\’s method for this. I then cook the peas and seasoning until the seasoning has cooked in well.

  • Caron

    What a lovely video! Sharing food with lots of love, a great recipe!

  • Angela

    This is how families should live. Thanks for the tip on the foil.

  • doreen

    Hello Fay. I’m glad to see you had a great time in England. That’s my place of birth.
    I lived in the east end of London a place called Stratford, I now reside in the US virgin Islands.
    That brings back old memories.

    • Claire

      Stratford that’s my manor! I was born in Forest Gate. Hope you love where you are now. Don’t know if you’ve been back since but you would not recognise the area now. Gentrification is not the word!

      Fay I hope you enjoyed your travels. Some of my family live in Bromley, Plumstead and Catford. Not far at all!

  • Marsha

    You guys are so funny I enjoyed watching your cooking.