Jamaican Gizzada Tarts Recipe

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  • Eileen Smith

    Hello Ladies,
    I am married to a Jamaican and have been now for 28 years. I never really needed to learn a lot of the recipes because my sweet mother in law lived with us and made all the dishes. She is now elderly and can’t cook. So I decided to look up brown stew chicken and I found you guys!
    I never thought I would be able to make rice and peas. But thanks to you I can. you ladies are fantastic. I am going to try the curry beef next.

  • Esline Mills

    Hello Fay
    Although Jamaican myself ( born in st. Ann)I have not come across gizzada before.
    They are delicious.
    Have you a recipe for grater cake? it is coconut base slices which were
    half white and half red.
    Hope you can help.