Jamaican Ingredients: Green Bananas

It is purely out of a need to be resourceful that Caribbean people started to cook Green Bananas. In some Caribbean islands, like Trinidad and Dominica,  Green Bananas are called Fig. But in Jamaica we call them exactly what they are … Green Bananas.  These are the same bananas that are eaten as a ripe fruit for breakfast or a snack. However, Green Bananas are used as a vegetable like potatoes and usually eaten alongside savory dishes like Callaloo and Saltfish.In Jamaica we have what we call “Ground Provisions” or “Food”. They include starchy root vegetables like white and yellow yams, coco, and sweet potatoes. Boiled Green Bananas are usually served with Provisions at home or when requested at a restaurant, for example.
In addition to eating them boiled, you can use Boiled Green Bananas to make salads, just as you would make a potato salad, or even porridge. When fresh and sliced thinly, they are used in some places to make green banana chips. I think the easiest way to enjoy them is to simply boil the Green Bananas and eat them with a sauteed dish like Ackee and Saltfish or Mackerel Run Down.


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