Jamaican Bammy Recipe

Jamaican Bammy is best described as a flat bread. Having lived in Britain I would say that it most reminds me of crumpets … toasted on the outside and soft instead. Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica I wasn’t accustomed to seeing bammy made at home it was something we purchased at the market. Made of grated cassava it’s known to be labour intensive to make from scratch. However, I’m always happy to get my hands on handmade bammy to go with my traditional Jamaican breakfasts like Ackee and Saltfish or Calaloo.

There are two quick and easy ways to prepare bammy: Toasted in an oven or fried in hot oil. It’s a delicious gluten-free substitute for bread with your meal.


1. Soaking: In a shallow dish soak 2 bammy in 1/2 cup of coconut milk or salted water. Pour half the liquid over bammy; flip bammy and pour the rest of the liquid; let stand for about 5 minutes. Note if you are using canned coconut milk dilute milk 50:50 with water

2. Toasting: Broil both sides of bammy until toasted. Cut open and spread inside with butter while still hot

3. Frying: Fry both sides of bammy in hot oil until golden brown. Cut in quarters
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  • verennyl@hotmail.com

    The best way to eat bammy is with fried fish, steamed fish any kind of fish. yumm yumm.

  • Alan

    Thank you once again for sharing your awesome recipes with all of the Jamaican food lovers. Your recipes and videos are very easy to follow. I love them all. Thanks again.

  • patricia gordon

    i soak mine in milk and use a little butter and brown both sides and its delicious

  • Lynn

    Hi. I’m from New Zealand and have no idea what a bammy is! Sounds good though so can you please explain?

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Lynn,
      Bammy is made of grated cassava and formed into a “pancake” and dried to preserve. Fay

  • Patricia

    Do you have a recipe for making bammy from scratch? I haven’t been able to find any stores that carry bammy locally.

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Patricia,
      I’d really like to try my hand at homemade bammy. Thank you for your request. Fay

  • Camille

    Thank you very much Ms. Fay for sharing . I’m a young Jamaican living in the states and I crave our traditional dishes so often, so it’s good to know I can come to your site and get great tips and recipes. Thanks again

  • jenny

    In Guyana we say cassava bread, i love this, so delicious….goes well with a sauce like dish…pepper pot or fish sauce..

  • RenegadeMoBay45

    You truly remind me of a real Jamaican woman of all generations with your recipes. Thanks for keeping us fed with delicious JAMAICAN food. #GoodNyammins

  • AMarie

    Hello good night.. How do I watch the video for this recipe please? Is the video through utube or do I have to sign up for something? Thank you for your help.

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi AMarie,
      That’s a good question. If you sign up as a paid member you can watch all our videos on the website, plus videos that are not available on Youtube. Otherwise you can find this video and others on our Youtube channel. Enjoy!

  • Carla

    Hi Miss FayHow I thank the Lord for you.When living overseas our culture can get lost, especially when our parents and grandparents have passed on. I have been using your recipes for almost a year now and its pure nostalgia! You brought back so many memories that my family and I can enjoy. Please keep up the good work!!!