About Us – Fay and Angela

Welcome to Cook Like a Jamaican!


My name is Fay DeLeon and I love to cook! I’ve been cooking my favourite Jamaican recipes for my family for more than 50 years  A few years ago my daughters asked me to give them cooking lessons so they can cook my Jamaican dishes for their families. My daughter Angela videotaped the first lesson and … the rest is history! I look forward to teaching you traditional Jamaican cooking with recipes the Fay way, which is easy and fun.

Jamaican Cooking My Mom’s Way

I’m Angela, Fay’s middle daughter. My Mom’s the creative talent in the kitchen and I’m the one behind the scenes with the camera and the questions. I love to cook, but I’ve always thought my mother was the best home cook in the world! When I was growing up she taught me and my sisters how to cook everything from baked chicken to bread, but Jamaican cooking was her domain! Now, along with you, I’m learning how to make her treasured Jamaican dishes! I hope you’re as excited as I am, too!

The Cook Like A Jamaican Mission

“Our mission is to spread Jamaican culture around the world by sharing our beloved family recipes and stories!”

For those around the world of Jamaican or Caribbean ancestry we want to help you rediscover your heritage. If it’s another connection to Jamaica or the Caribbean that has brought you here, we want to help you learn the roots of Jamaican culture, which is grounded in the food we love so much.
When we started our website we thought it would be a good way to document Jamaican recipes for our family. At the time we didn’t realize that our family includes you and people living all around the world! We’re here to serve and help you enjoy what it means to Cook Like A Jamaican!


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