Jamaica Travel: Join us on our Journey

Travel Series – Hi friends…we’re excited! This summer we’ll be sharing our trip to Jamaica with you! Lots of great stories, delicious recipes and secret cooking tips. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on this summer’s Journey to Jamaica Travel Series!  CLICK here to see all the posts in our Travel Series.  


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  • Clair

    Dear Fay, I’m a Surinamese girl with a Jamaican husband. Before I got to know u I could only cook Surinamese food. But thanks to u and ur recipes I’m getting more and more compliments from my hubby when I cook Jamaican food. He is even saying mine taste better than his moms, who is also a Jamaican. So I want to thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to try them all and for more of ur posts. Great cheers to u. Lots of love from Suriname.

  • Christie

    Thanks for your travel update and all the great things you have shared. You are now my inspiration and I am planning an All Girls Trip to Jamaica in the Summer of 2016. Can you please provide me with information on places to stay, places to visit, etc. I want this to be a wonderful experience for all the ladies.

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Christie,
      Can we come on you All Girls Trip? 😉 Sounds like fun! If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up on our mailing list to enjoy weekly highlights from our trip, including the places we visited, ate and stayed. Also feel free to reach out to us directly with questions at cooklikeajamaican@gmail.com. Blessings, Fay & Angela

  • Maxine

    Thank you Fay and Angela for sharing your Jamaican experience. Now I feel like taking a trip back home again, I was there in May 2014 but now I’m getting the itch to go again.

  • Judi

    I love this, thank you for indulging us. I think you should look into another trip to Jamaica and we all go as a group with you. What a wonderful trip that would be. Think about it !! Love your website. Judi

  • marg

    Dear Fay /Angela
    I absolutely love your website as recipes are great, loving all the jamaican food and I’m of jamaican parentage makes me feel proud .I will be going to jamaica next month and would love too meet up with you ladies wearing one of your T.shirts sharing your culinary skills your are such as inspiration.

  • Mario Bonifacio

    Glad you enjoyed your Jamaican vacation and hope to see more great authentic recipes from there. I have forwarded your web address to several friends who share a love of all things Jamaican. I’m sure they will enjoy whatever recipes you present.

    Thanks for sharing with me and many others.

    Wasaga Beach ON

  • Connie

    Keep up the good work; Looking forward to the series.

  • Les

    Hi Fay & AngelaI am very fond of your site, it brings back so many memories of the times that I was able to enjoy the Island. I was in the US Navy our ship was in Jamaica at least once a year. Finding my way around the hills and loving all of the treasures found in different parishes. For the last four years I have been blessed to be able to spend time with the MOP (Missionaries Of The Poor) in Kingston. The rewards are awsome, the residents are so loving and appreciated of our time spent with them. The Brothers cook most of the meals and I always look forward to them. Always a surprise in the pot. As a professional chef I am able to share my talents with all of the rest of my peers. At home in Florida I am able to gather all of the ingredients needed to make my Island dishes come to life. I am looking forward to share my talents and receiving gaining knowledge from some of your followers.Thanks and GOD BLESS

  • Janet

    Thanks for the share although it made my mouth water .LOL

  • Patricia

    Ladies Iam so jealous!! i have not been to Jamaica since in my teens. I’m triple that now, i love ackee and saltfish and cant wait to see many more of your wonderful recipes. thank you for sharing with us and God Bless.

  • Angella

    Hi Fay, I am a Jamaican I am from Port Maria the parish of St. Mary. I started cooking from 14 years of age and you want to know something I don\’t have any regrets. Cooking is my passion and you know when you have children you have to know how to turn your hands and make fashion. I was raised with my grand parents and all of the dishes that I grew up on I made them for my children in fact I have 2 boys and 2 girls….they also loves to cook. Thanks again for your beautiful site, keep up the good work. Angella