Mary’s Sweet Potato Pudding Recipe

While we were staying at Goblin Hill Villas, every morning we were greeted by the lovely Mary White our assigned cook/housekeeper. As we struggled to open our eyes we could hear Mary in the kitchen doing her best not to make noise while preparing food for breakfast. Soon the aroma of fried plantains or sautéed seasonings wafted up the stairs to our rooms. What a great way to wake up!

We quickly learned that Mary is an excellent cook with a flair for making traditional Jamaican dishes. She graciously shared her delicious Brown Stew Fish Recipe with us, which we videotaped to share with you. She also generously shared her secret recipe for Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding. We watched as she put it together from memory. Not only is it authentic, it is easy to follow and the result is a moist sweet potato pudding with perfectly balanced flavours you’ll love.

During our stay Mary was always there cooking and cleaning for us. One day we even went along with her to the Port Antonio Market where she showed us where she gets the best fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish for our meals. We were impressed by her work ethic and quiet strength and chatted with Mary about her family and life in Jamaica.

We were reminded that life for average working people in Jamaica can be tough, working long hours for low wages. For example, we assumed Mary lived nearby because she was with us everyday until 8:00 pm and back at 7:00 am. Instead, we were surprised to learn that her daily commute to work is by country bus and takes up to 2 hours one way! Still, Mary shows up every day with a smile and is grateful for her life and her job at Goblin Hill.

Make a Delicious Difference

Because Mary and her secret Jamaican Sweet Potato Recipe are so special we’ve decided to make it available in our new online shop only. When you purchase the recipe video (with recipe pdf) the proceeds will go to Mary, which is only fair because it’s Mary’s family recipe and not ours. More importantly, your purchase will make a measurable difference in the life of a gracious, hardworking Jamaican woman and her family. We love Mary and we know you’ll love her and her recipe, too.

Click here for Mary’s Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding Recipe

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  • Angela

    Dear Ms. Fay: I love your idea of giving back to the people who “serve” and nourish us each day. Ms. Mary’s story is like many others that go unnoticed. Thank you for doing something to make it a little easier!

  • Mel

    I am impressed by your ethics in giving Ms. Mary the proceeds of her recipe. Hats off to you for your commitment to justice, and for giving a hard working Jamaican woman recognition for her sterling contribution to tourism.