Jamaican Cornmeal Pudding Recipe

“I must say the cornmeal pudding is and was wonderful. I work in the White House as a chef, and we tried your recipe, it is good. So our next stop is to put it on our dessert menu here. Keep doing what you do and I will keep trying it here at the Big House. – A.A, Executive White House Chef 2012

This is why we now call this recipe The Presidential Pudding. We know you’ll love it as much as President Obama

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  • Heather T

    Ooh, that looks yummy! When I first looked at the picture I thought I’d have to pass because I’m lactose intolerant (and most British style puddings are milky). So what a delight to see that you don’t use cow’s milk at all. You just use coconut milk! Yay! Can’t wait to try it.

    • chris campbell

      suh it tastey, Me a like dis one since me granfada did mek it fe we. the grey creamy toppin is top boss

  • Dawne

    I’ve Got this in the oven right now 🙂
    My Grandma used to make this for my Dad and since she died and never wrote down the recipe (along with so many other fabulous dishes)
    Hoping it’s the same or very close as it’s Fathers day (uk)
    Fingers crossed x

  • Sharon

    My husband is Jamaican and asked me to find a recipe for puddin’ (he knows I love to try new things!). So, I saw this recipe and the website resonated with me…I am going to make it right now! Wish me luck! :o) oh, and thank you for having this site; now I can try other Jamaican meals!

  • Juliet

    Hi Fay,
    I am currently baking the cornmeal pudding. I have been searching for a “good” recipe for years and thought I would try yours since there is a picture to show the finished product. I followed the recipe to the letter and I used a 9 inch baking tin. Right now, as I write, the pudding is bubbling up and over the sides of the pan and into the oven. There is smoke bellowing out of the oven. I have 37 mins to go before the pudding is ready (1 hour coook time as you recommended). I had to set a larger pan underneath to catch the drippings to prevent a fire in my house. I am laughing right now while I watch the whips of smoke escape from the oven. Will let you know how it turns out in a few more minutes.

    • Juliet

      I meant whisps of smoke, not whips

  • Juliet

    Ok so with 13 mins to go I checked on my pudding and quite a bit of it is now in the catchment pan below, and the pudding will go down well as porridge because it is that soft. Very disappointing. I had my hopes up quite high but I guess I am just not a baker. oh well!

  • Yvonne

    This recipe is just right! Delicious. The texture and consistency is great. The key is to let it set after it comes out of the oven. Very good!

  • krissy

    Been looking for the best cornmeal pudding recipe for ages. One with the topping and everything. I tried your recipe last night and the pudding turned out awesome. The pudding is almost done already, I think there is only one serving left lol. I’ll definitely save this recipie. Thank you!

  • Simone

    So i’m Trying to reconnect with days of ole. im pretty young but i loved the traditional meals, they had wat i like to call stunners(flavour n all) so im ganna bake this. granma n my mom did this alot nw its just me n i miss the good ole foods they fill belly and awe the eyes(not like the glory foods these days that only feeds the eyes n leave the belly to starve)lol.
    Hear good comments on the outcomes so i’m all for giving it a shot…hope its has good has granmas.

  • Megan Reid

    I remember my mom used to make cornmeal pudding all the time.Infact i recall the last two pudding that she made it was for family dinner but she could not share these pudding because i had take a spoon and eat all the topping off her pudding trust me i had some gud wipping for those pudding and she never made no more.

  • Tammy S

    I am an American married to a Jamaican and I love this website! I am making the bread pudding right now. Since I don’t have a 3″ deep pan, I split the recipe among 2 regular 9″ pans. It smells great but i’m worried it’s already getting firm (after 25 minutes). I followed the recipe to the tee. Luckily my hubby will eat my disaster recipes so i’m sure he will love. Thanks for all of the recipes (I plan to make them all 🙂 )

  • Lee

    I just want to say thank you for this recipe…
    Im 32 years old, i came to the states as teenager so there is a lot of the caribbean food that i dont know how to cook…I made corneal pudding for the first time and everyone loved it. I couldn’t believe how good it came out… You are a genius.
    Thank you again…

  • patricia

    OMG i just make this pudding and put grated coconut on top it is gorgeous !!!taste scrumpdelicious too! best i ever add, i also add soak fruits i had left over from Christmas could not wait to taste so i burn my tongue, wait till warm

  • Deon

    Hi I tried the cornmeal pudding and it was a hit with my family, very easy to make
    thank you very much.

  • tricia

    When I was a child my cousin’s mom made this great cornmeal pudding that my mom hasn’t been able to replicate. Hers was creamy and rich with a custardy topping. My mom’s comes out way too tough. Sometimes she does get the cream on top. It may be because she doesn’t use butter. So I’m trying your recipe to see the outcome.

  • lisa

    I always make it but it never come out right maybe i wasn’t using the right amount of ingredients so i was so happy when i found your recipe I’m now enjoying a slice it came out great

  • Karen G

    Hey Fay

    If I do not add raisins do i still have to stir the pudding at the 15 minute mark. Please let me know, I would love to make it today.

  • Tina

    Hello, will it be suitable to bake this Pudding using a loose bottom cake tin or a large deep flan dish?? I have the fondest memories of this dish…pure bliss. Thank you for all your delicious recipes my dear x

  • Megan Reid

    I am going to make me a pudding now this storm nemo put into the mode of eating me some cornmeal pudding i love to use your receipt it awesome

  • vin

    great recipe! mine is in the oven right now

  • Trish

    I made the mistake of adding the liquid too hot to the dry ingredients

  • Jennifer

    Hello! My son wants to make this for his global studies class(his country is Jamaica). We will have to make it at home at night and then serve the next day. Will this work or should he choose something else? Should we refrigerate it or can it sit out? Thank you for your help!

    • Cook Like A Jamaican

      Hi Jennifer,
      This is a great recipe to share. I really don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a good cornmeal pudding. It will taste wonderful the next day. You can refrigerate it, but I prefer at room temperature. Blessings, Fay

  • lesa

    Just baked mine and put some almond slices on the topping ….omg it turned out so great…the house is just smelling sooooo good …like when my mom use to bake thanks guys for the recipe…total worth the try. didn’t sure what the result would be but it’s just perfect.

  • Lydia

    Ms. Fay I making this pudding tonight cant wait!
    After watching the video about the bizarre food that came on travel channel, I was searching the site for a tripe and bean recipe, or curry tripe but couldn’t find one i also search for a cow foot one but couldn’t find it. but i am sure you will get there some time. Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful Jamaican dishes. Keep up the good work.

  • Lily

    Very nice recipe Fay. The family did enjoy. Keep up the good work.

  • Farzia

    Ms. Fay, thank you very much for your recipes!
    My husband is Jamaican and I’m Trinidadian, so we are always cooking something West Indian. I made your Corn Pudding and it came out very nice. Special request: I would like to get your recipe for Plantain Tarts.
    Thank you in advance!

  • Lorna stanley

    Hi Fay,
    I tried the cornmeal pudding recipe today ,i did not have any raisins so I substituted dried cranberries it was perfect, I have tried other recipes before and they were too sweet I’m sure this will be on my thanksgiving table this year. Your details are an excellent help thanks.


  • andrew a

    Good day. great pudding. i did a trial running in the White house Navy mess , and the cheffs loved it. i had to give them some great taste from home. keep doing what you doing and we will keep trying it here. you never know it might make to the menu.

    • Cook Like A Jamaican

      Andrew, thank you for your kind words and support!

  • Racquel

    Just made this and it turned out great!! I think that the amount of Rum could increase though 🙂

  • Leon

    Hi Fay …

    Is this ‘Pone’ ? I used to eat a lot of this and Sweet Potato Pudding growing up.
    Love the site and the fantastic recipes you post up, truly.
    I grew up on Jamaican food in London and to me it is the best food on the planet ( Biased, I know, but I speak from the heart ).
    I do enjoy coming across recipes that I never took time to learn how to make when younger – I was too busy eating the end result to care (( > < )). So glad that I have found so many of the recipes on here … I feel 'complete'.
    Sadly, I haven't had the time to cook how I like to of late due to my incredible wife having been struck down with cancer. However, I have pointed my two wonderful young teenage daughters to your website and issued buut one command : 'learn' !!

    God bless you, Fay, and keep those recipes coming, no matter how remote …. Did you ever used to roast Platain in their skins – used to love those as a kid too.

  • Rosie

    I’m trying to find an authentic Jamaican corn pudding (“hell a top, hell a bottom and halellujah in a middle” where you boil and then grate the corn). My mother use to bake it and it was always delicious. Now i want to bake one for her since she was talking about it. I don’t want to ask her for the recipe as I want to surprise her. Do you have a recipe for this?

    • Cook Like A Jamaican

      Hi Rosie,
      Thank you for your request. I don’t have a recipe for this type of pudding but will put it on my list of authentic recipes to research and try. Blessings, Fay

  • Marcia

    I have to tell you how good this is, today is Black Friday. You know, as Jamaicans we have to cook twice the amount we need jus’ fe bambeye…. My brother followed your recipe to a T and as it turned out, this was our Thanksgiving Pie (no typical pumpkin, no pecan) just our jamaican cornmeal pone. Nice ca’an dun. I just had my last piece for breakfast. Thanks a million.

  • Pauline

    I made this pudding tonight… I looked great and tasted even better! Taking some to my mom in the morning… Thanks for the recipe!

  • Audrey

    I have lived to the U.S. over 40 years ago after spending the first 9 years of my life in Jamaica. My grandmother use to make this pone. Yesterday I made pone for the first time. It was perfect. It brought back memories of childhood I thought were lost forever. Thank you so much for sharing. Now I can cook like a Jamaican.

  • Kareem

    I tried the recipe and the pudding came out perfect. Thanks so much.

  • Cassie

    Thanks Looks delish.
    I wish you would provide a printable version.. This is much too long to print with all the pictures etc.

  • John Naik

    Just made this pudding for the second time and it came out so good. I had some raisins soaking in some Red Label wine and used those. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Although I left Jamaica at the age of 9, now mi ah cook like a real Jamaican thanks to you.

  • kerry brown

    hi, I tried your recipe and it came out perfect….my cousin was a bit scared to try it as she said cornmeal and rum can kill you…. however when she saw everybody else eating she asked for a piece…..

  • Michelle Salkey

    I made this pudding yesterday and it rocked!

  • Marion

    Your cornmeal pudding is divine . . . THANK YOU so much….

  • Lisa Daly

    Hi Fay,
    I have this cornmeal pudding cooking right now. I just mixed it at the 15 min mark and took a little taste, of course :-). It’s amazing. I cannot wait to serve this to my Jamaican born hubby.
    I do have a question after watching your video. Do you have a preference over using white or brown sugar?
    Lisa from Boston

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Lisa,
      I don’t really have a preference based on taste, but you’ll get a brighter yellow pudding when you use white sugar instead of brown. Enjoy!

  • sinia

    Hello Fay
    I would love to get hold of your cornmeal pudding recipe. Do you have a cook book

  • Dawne

    Well I made the mistake of trying to remove it from the pan whilst it was much too warm so it broke apart a bit :/
    But it was nice and he liked it. It’s almost how she made it but apparently her’s had more of a stronger coconut flavour, so going to try substituting some of the coconut milk for coconut cream.
    Thanks for the recipe! I will be making it again! My children loved it!
    (I’ll leave it to cool for longer next time and send a picture)

  • Karen G

    Thanks Fay,I made it the same day I asked about stirring, I went ahead and stirred it and it came out perfect my husband and son loved it. I am making another one today along with your rice cookup.