Top 5 Jamaican One-Pot Dinners

Jamaican one-pot dinners are great any night meal options. These are my Top 5. That’s because they include enough ingredients to make a delicious meal in one pot. Some are quick and some are worth wait, but all are just as tasty the next day, too. So what are you waiting for? Try one of my favourite one-pot meals today!
Seasoned Rice  “Cook Up” or Seasoned Rice is exactly what it sounds like. Seasoned rice with lots of great ingredients packed into it. I guess you could say it’s the Jamaican version of Fried Rice.  It’s a great go-to recipe because it so quick and easy, and all done in one pot. Perfect for a Friday night when you just want to throw a meal together. Red Pea Soup. Plain and simple soup in Jamaica is a meal. And a hearty meal at that. We Jamaicans love our soup, which is a Saturday tradition. However Red Pea Soup is my favourite and I highly recommend it as a one-pot meal. Caution, it’s so hearty you may want to eat it with a fork. Corned Beef and Cabbage is a super easy one-pot meal that goes well with rice. I call it a Jamaican stir fry because it’s that easy. Sautee the vegetables first and then place the corned beef on top to warm through. Then fold it into the vegetables and you’re done!  Jamaican Pepper Steak is a quick and easy dinner idea. I like to use sirloin steak, which will be nice and tender when used with this recipe. You can use one colour of bell pepper or a variety from green to red to orange and yellow. Serve with rice.

Stew Peas It’s funny … even though Jamaica is  a hot, tropical country, we love our hearty stews and soups, all well-suited to colder climates. I think it has to do with the fact that we are traditionally hard-working people who need our meals to “hold us” for the day. Well, Stew Peas, served with rice is full of hearty meal-worthy ingredients: dumplings, beef, pork. One of my family’s all-time favourite meals, any time of year.

corned beef and cabbageone-pot diinersPepper steakred pea soupseasoned riceStew peas
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  • Cocoa

    Thank you, for all of your generous shares. Much success to you and your family. Have a prosperous New year! Cocoa Lady

  • Erika

    Hallo! tks tor all emails you sent me.I live in Brasil, and dishes, recipes are quite similar for us, and i like it.Tks again.

  • ren

    Hi FayeThank you for sharing these meals, I too, have four children, my husband works full time and I am a full time student. Sometimes cooking a meal with minimum fuss but with all the flavours of the Caribbean is a God-send, as I love to bring up my children with Caribbean flavourful foods. Thanks again Fay

  • thelma

    thank you so much for all the recipes, am a jamaican myself, been here in america for a long, long time and forget how to cook some of these dishes, then one day my daughter sent me your web-site and that was it. looking forward to hearing from you. have a merry christmas. thelma

  • gail

    ~~ ღ Thank you so much I enjoy watching an learning from you, you are awesome hun ღ ~~

  • Carol

    Thank you so much for each and every meal that I have cooked for my family using your recipes. May the Creator continue to bless your family & business – One Love, Carol

  • Graeme

    Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful recipes! Much Love and Respect!

  • Joy

    Hi fay,
    long time, was also doing lots of stuff! i am getting ready next year February to start up my fast food bistro in Holland, will be asking you soon for some fast food tips. And thank you for all your great recipes, Just in case you don’t hear from me for now, you and your lovey family have a great Christmas.

    greetings Joy

  • Cheryl

    Thank you for sharing your family recipes! I can’t wait to try them

  • Vilma

    Hi Fay
    It has been a busy time. I await your emails and suggestions. I have tried quite a few of your recipes and love sharing with them with my daughters to keep them in the loop of the
    Caribbean culture from which we came.
    Blessings to you and the family during this holy season, and the very best wishes and continued success in the coming year.

  • Dr.

    Hi Fay,Thank you so much for blessing my family with all your wonderful recipes and videos. My husband is Jamaican and living in the US, and nothing quite touches his heart like when I cook the food that the knows and loves.May God richly bless you and your family,LaShonda

  • Caron

    Thank you again for all your recipie’s you are sharing, I cant tell you how they have helped me, and I have become more confident with my cooking now and I have not long started cooking properly.! I hope you are all well, God bless you

  • Karen

    I’m really enjoying the recipes that you have been putting up
    When I was looking to follow a website I looked at different site’s and yours was the only one that I liked I feel like I’m cooking with my mum
    Everything that you cook you do it with such love
    Thank you for being you
    Angela is very lucky to have you as a mum
    stay blessed

  • Hyacinth

    Hi Fay,
    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes, keep them coming. I am a Jamaican living in Southwest Florida. I grew up in St Ann and all these recipes are dear to me. I find your recipes easy to follow and sometimes there is a new twist on a dish. I am a fairly decent cook, but I really enjoy following your recipes. They are guaranteed to come out great every time. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  • Anita

    Dear Fay and FamilyThank you for the wonderful dishes and recipes. I have tried some of them out with success. I love your festival recipe and fried dumplings these are my two favourite dishes. My family are from Montserrat and my husband is a born and bred Jamaican. He loves his traditional food so I try to cook his favourites now and again. Keep up the good work and I wish you and your family a very happy Xmas and New Year. God Bless you.