Spicy Jamaican Beef Patties Recipe

Yes, Spicy Jamaican beef patties just like the ones you buy at the patty shop. How are they different than our Homemade Beef Patty recipe? Well, our homemade beef patties have a meatier filling because they are mostly meat with little “filler”, in this case bread crumbs. Traditionally, patty shop owners would stretch expensive ingredients, like beef, by adding lots of bread crumbs, which also makes the filling “juicy”. So, if you want to recreate your patty shop experience at home, this recipe is for you! You’ll never want (or need) to buy a beef patty again!

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  • Cecile

    Hi Fay
    Tried several of your recipe, so delicious. My husband and nephew just love your sorrel
    and ginger beer drinks.Keep on cooking.

  • Jan

    Looking forward to your recipes

  • Samantha

    I have been using your site for some time now. Love your recipes so much that my fiance and I refer to you as Auntie Fay. I am Haitian and he is Jamaican. These recipes have taken me a long way. Especially since I have remembered some by heart! The beef patty recipe makes the membership worth every penny. Thank you for your big heart and contribution to the millions of strangers that use you. Made the beef patties today making curry shrimp tonight.

  • Bentley Samuels

    This is my first time i think i am going to enjoying it. love……. it.

  • Elaine Kimbrel

    Love the patty recipe, and the stew chicken was deliciously enjoyed by women at a baby shower. Can’t wait to try your ginger beer.

  • Edward Perri

    Love your recipes!!! They are so delicious.
    I am having a big party and would like to know if I can make these patties ahead of time and store them in the freezer or refrigerator? Or should I just make them that day.
    Thanks again,

    • Fay & Angela

      Hi Edward,
      These beef patties are the perfect party pleaser! Yes, you can make them and freeze them unbaked then bake them the day of your event. Or you can make the filling ahead and freeze it and assemble the patties with fresh pastry dough that day. Either way everyone will love them. Trust me! Fay

  • Nadeau Saunderson-Barber

    Hi Fay,

    Is the browning used in this recipe the same as the one you made & use for baking or is it store bought?