Our Presidential Pudding

“I must say the cornmeal pudding is and was wonderful. I work in the White House as a chef, and we tried your recipe, it is good. So our next stop is to put it on our dessert menu here. Keep doing what you do and I will keep trying it here at the BIG HOUSE.” – Andrew  A., Executive White House Chef

“You are so lovely ! This recipe was the bomb. My husband says my cooking tastes different … in a good way! Your site has truly given me the knowledge I was looking for to become a better cook and try something new. I feel like an iron chef in the kitchen when I follow you. Thanks so much for sharing ! – Ronda

Tiana’s Stew Peas

“First time cooking stew peas for my Trini husband and he loved it! I’m learning how to cook Caribbean food. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes.” – Tiana

“We are from Australia. Your recipes have made something we would not have had available to us and we thank you. Fay’s chicken soup is my dinner tomorrow. I can’t wait! I  love the way you present the videos just like my mum. Don’t stop, we need more or your lovely food.” – Luke

Habibah’s beef patties

“Fay, thank you for your excellent videos and priceless knowledge. My husband and I made patties and cornmeal pudding a few days ago and he loved it! Your videos are invaluable to me. Whenever I watch one I want to cook something like you show me. I just wanted you know how grateful I am.” – Habibah

“Thank  you and your beautiful daughter a thousand times over for this wonderful website. Dinnertime is once again new and exciting. The different flavors and methods of cooking has awakened the lost cook in me, and being from the deep South that’s saying a lot. I thought I knew it all growing up with Creole, French and Cajun cooking, but Jamaican cooking is a wonderful marriage of everything good rolled into one!” – Kelly

Claire’s Jamaican BBQ

Claire’s Jamaican BBQ

“We hosted a Jamaican barbecue here in Auckland, New Zealand. It was a public holiday and also Bob Marley’s birthday so we thought there was a bit of a connection to Jamaica. Everyone cooked dishes from Cook Like a Jamaican. We had a fabulous day and the recipes were all trustworthy and delicious.” – Claire

“The brown stew chicken was delicious! My husband is Jamaican so I am trying out new recipes for him, and for my son to learn about the culture as well. My husband said it was great and my 3 year old son couldn’t get enough! Thank you from Vancouver.” – Tessa