September 7, 2023

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Every Caribbean island has its version of black rum cake. I associate black cake with traditional Jamaican wedding cake, but for many it’s the cake they bake at Christmastime. My “black cake” recipe isn’t as dark as some. What makes a black cake dark is how much browning you use and how long you soak the fruit in liquor. Many people soak their fruit for a year! As soon as Christmas is over they buy more fruit to soak for the next year. Fruit that is soaked that long will get very dark if not black. It doesn’t even need to be ground because it will dissolve into a thick fruit puree.
For my recipe, all you have to  do is soak the fruit  in rum overnight, simmer it the next day and grind it into a puree. You can then use browning to make the batter darker.  I think you’ll really be pleased with this recipe because it’s full of flavour and it’s super moist. For those who like a smooth almost sticky black cake infused with rum … this one’s for you!

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