December 10, 2023

Jakes Hotel

Jakes Hotel in Treasure Beach

When planning our trip to Jamaica we made a decision to visit some of the less travelled areas on the island. South St. Elizabeth parish has been getting its fair share of attention lately, namely because of Jakes Hotel in Treasure Beach. Similar to Negril, Treasure Beach was once a sleepy fishing village. But today, unlike Negril, it remains a quaint and off-the-beaten-track tourist destination.

For Jakes owner/ general manager Jason Henzell, Treasure Beach is in his blood. When his mother was a child his grandfather purchased a beach house in Treasure Beach. His mother, and later he and his sister, grew up spending time there and falling in love with the community.

Jakes Hotel was first as a small seaside restaurant owned by Jason’s mother. Today it has grown into a coveted vacation destination for those who like a relaxed vibe, eclectic accommodations and authentic Jamaican food all on a backdrop of crashing waves and mesmerizing sunsets.

Pedro Plains

Pedro Plains farming community in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

However, what makes Jakes Hotel really special is the impact it has had on the Treasure Beach community. As a prominent business owner in the area, Jason has a commitment to Community Tourism. He helps run the Breds Treasure Beach Foundation, which fosters community empowerment. In simple terms their mission is to nurture the community and ensure sustainable development.

In the video below Fay talks with Jason about how Community Tourism in Treasure Beach is transforming how people live work in South St. Elizabeth. The video runs about 3 minutes and was shot on location at Jakes Hotel in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Make sure to watch to the end to hear about all the monthly farm to table dinners and other events.

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