February 16, 2024

My Jerk Seasoning Sauce is so easy to make, the key is to use the fresh ingredients. But truthfully this recipe is foolproof as long as you don’t use more pepper than you can handle.

I recommend using 2 scotch bonnet peppers for a Medium heat that warms you up but cools down quickly. If you don’t have a charcoal barbecue, don’t worry. This chicken recipe taste terrific even when cooked on a gas barbecue or in the oven! I also made sure that it is an easy one to double for when you have a big group people to feed … cause I guarantee they’ll be coming back for more!

How hot do you like it? For Mild heat, use 1 scotch bonnet pepper in this recipe. For Medium 2, and for Yowee hot!… use 3.
Safety note: Scotch Bonnet and Habanero chili peppers are very hot and can cause extreme pain if they come in contact with your eyes. I recommend wearing protective gloves or using a paper towel to hold the pepper when chopping. For this recipe, cut the pepper in half and remove and discard the seeds before putting in the blender.

My favourite flavour tip:Instead of using already ground allspice, if you can find pimento seeds (allspice in its original form) and grind them yourself you’ll get an extra boost of flavour. This especially important when you’re not using pimento wood when cooking your chicken. Don’t worry if you don’t have a spice grinder, just put some pimento in parchment paper and fold into a loose “envelope” then use a rolling pin or bottle to “grind” the seeds into a powder

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I’ve been cooking Jamaican food for my family for more than 50 years! Now I'm teaching my daughter Angela and you how to cook my treasured family recipes! I'm happy to be of service and love hearing from you so don't forget to leave a comment below.


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