November 29, 2023

Cook Like A Jamaican


I Cook Like A Jamaican

Yes, today I am celebrating yet another birthday and I feel blessed. On Saturday my family threw a surprise birthday dinner for me! And I was very surprised! Here I was thinking I was going to a small restaurant dinner and when I arrived I was escorted into a private dining room filled with close family and friends. I was so overwhelmed and touched, I cried.

Today is my actual birthday and it’s a big one (feel free to guess, but I’m not telling). LOL … it amazes me that no matter how old I get, vanity is still present and kicking! But it’s also a reminder of how fast time passes. I can even look at this website and marvel at how fast it has grown in less than a year. And that’s thanks to all of you and your interest and support! I cherish  your kind words and inquisitive questions. And mostly I cherish the stories you tell me about your families and how my recipes are helping you create delicious memories.

Thank you for giving an old woman something to keep her busy and a sense of purpose. Sharing my recipes started as a legacy project for my family, but now I consider all of you my family, too … a birthday gift for which I am very grateful.

Love and blessings,


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