November 30, 2023

“Our mission is to spread Jamaican culture around the world by sharing our beloved family recipes and stories!”

Welcome to our family! When we started this website in 2012 we thought it would be a good way to document Jamaican recipes for our family. At the time we didn’t realize that our family is vast and living all around the world!
For many of you it’s your connection to Jamaica or the Caribbean that has brought you here. You may love travelling to Caribbean or be part of the large Caribbean diaspora living somewhere else in the world. You may be dating or married to a Jamaican or just in love with the island and its food.
For those new to Caribbean cooking we want to show you how easy it is to add some delicious spice to your meals. For those of Jamaican or Caribbean ancestry we want to help you rediscover your heritage. Or, if you grew up watching a beloved family member pour love into their cooking with “a l likkle bit of dis and a likkle bit a dat,” we will help you recreate those delicious memories with  measured recipes and step-by-step videos.

Thank you for your interest and support! Now get cooking!


Blessings, Fay and Angela


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