December 7, 2023

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My husband Eddie and I went to my nephew’s wedding in Hawaii a few years ago and we couldn’t believe the abundance of breadfruit trees. Plus, the breadfruits hanging from the trees were huge and luscious. It reminded me that there’s nothing like the taste of a breadfruit roasted over an open flame then peeled and fried. It has a wonderful smoky flavour!

Though it’s a fruit, breadfruit is eaten as a starch, usually like rice or yam as a side dish to Ackee and Saltfish, Callaloo and the like. I thought it would be fun to show you that, though not ideal, you can roast and fry breadfruit at home in a conventional oven. If you live in a multicultural city, like I do, you should be able to find it. Try a West Indian or tropical food grocer, or head to Chinatown where you’ll probably find it, though they may have another name for it. The larger the breadfruit the better.
It’s so easy to roast and fry a breadfruit that you really don’t need a recipe: Place it in a 375-degree oven for  1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the size. Then peel it, slice and fry it quickly in cooking oil. Sprinkle with salt and you’re done. It should be crispy on the outside and soft and dense inside. Enjoy!


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