December 10, 2023

What I love about Jerk Chicken Skewers is not only are they so flavourful and spicy, they’re quick to cook on a grill. They are great to pair with a salad, or use in a sandwich or taco shell with other ingredients. And, unlike chicken kabobs that include pieces of vegetable or fruit, these skewers are all chicken!
You can make this dish with my mother’s famous Jerk Sauce, but if you don’t have time, we recommend purchasing an all-natural wet jerk seasoning like the one below. I highly recommend pairing these skewers with our Jamaican-Style Mango Salsa to cool down the spices and add sweet flavour to this delicious dish. Either way this recipe is ready to please.
8 chicken breasts
Fay’s Jerk Chicken Sauce OR
Prepared Jerk Seasoning

Ziploc freezer bag or large bowl
Wooden kabob skewers
Directions: Using Fay’s fresh jerk sauce
1. Follow recipe to make Fay’s Jerk Sauce in blender with fresh ingredients
2. Cut chicken breast into 2-inch cubes, put in a large bowl
3. Pour marinade over chicken until covered; set aside remaining marinade
3. Massage marinade into chicken; cover bowl and place chicken in fridge overnight
4. Mix 1 cup of marinade with 1 Tbsp of brown sugar to make barbecue sauce and place in fridge.
5. Freeze any remaining marinade to use another time.
Directions: Using prepared jerk seasonings
1. Cut chicken breast into 2-inch cubes and place is a large freezer bag (or bowl)
2. Put 6 Tbsp of prepared jerk seasoning into bag, zip bag and thoroughly massage the bag until chicken is coated; place bag (or bowl) in fridge overnight
3. Mix 1 cup of prepared barbecue sauce with 1 tsp of jerk seasoning (add 1 tsp if you like it hotter!) and place in fridge.
Directions: Grilling
1. Soak wooden skewers for a least one hour
2. Thread each skewer with 5 or 6 pieces of chicken
3. Heat barbecue to 350-degrees and brush grill with cooking oil
4. Place skewers on grill, close lid and cook 5 minutes each side
5. Brush skewers with spicy barbecue sauce and place on upper rack to complete cooking, about 3 to 5 minute
Place skewers on serving platter and enjoy!

Growing up my mother taught me and my sisters how to cook and bake, but the Jamaican dishes were always her territory. So now, years later, Iike you I'm learning how to cook like a Jamaican! From time to time I also share my own recipes that feature modern twists on traditional Jamaican dishes and ingredients.


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