Easy Trini Corn Pie Recipe

Trini Corn Pie is a dish that I first had when a friend, who\’s parents are from Trinidad, brought it to a potluck dinner. It was a hit with everyone there. This recipe is one that I created after trying a few different recipes, and I think it\’s on point. I was excited to show […]

Jamaican Ackee and Bacon Quiche Recipe

Jamaicans love their Ackee and Saltfish. Not surprisingly it\’s Jamaica\’s national dish. Well, our Ackee and Bacon Quiche recipe uses ackee in a modern way and you may be surprised by just how delicious it is! My dad loves his authentic Jamaican food, but if we let him he would\’ve eaten one quiche himself. Recently […]

Jamaican Ackee Dip Recipe

Angela’s 10 minute Jamaican Ackee Dip This first time I had Ackee Dip I was hooked. It was a year ago at a Jamaican restaurant in New York City called Miss Lily’s. It was bright yellow with a smooth, creamy texture. The dip came with long crispy plantain chips – a perfect pair. Because I […]

Jamaican-Spiced Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Pumpkin pie isn\’t a traditional Jamaican dessert, but I thought it would be easy to make it taste Jamaican by using coconut milk and the right blend of spices…and a touch of rum, of course. If you love Jamaican sweet potato pudding you\’re going to love this delicious twist. It has similar flavours but stand […]

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Skewers Recipe

  What I love about Jerk Chicken Skewers is not only are they so flavourful and spicy, they’re quick to cook on a grill. They are great to pair with a salad, or use in a sandwich or taco shell with other ingredients. And, unlike chicken kabobs that include pieces of vegetable or fruit, these […]

Jamaican Mango Salsa Recipe

This spicy Jamaican-style mango salsa recipe is a beautiful blend of sweet and spicy, and so easy! I love making a batch to pair with grilled fish or chicken. But, if you want to make it to go with jerked anything, omit the pepper in the salsa and use it as a great way to […]

Jamaican Corn Soup Recipe

When my mother was growing up in Jamaica, Rastafarian culture was very much on the fringes of society so she isn\’t too familiar with the popular Ital (rasta-style vegetarian) dishes that have now crossed over to mainstream tastes.  So, for all of you who have been requesting vegetarian dishes, she asked me to share my Jamaican […]

Jamaican Banana Fritters Recipe

For years, Banana Fritters was the only Jamaican recipe I knew how to make. I can’t even recall when my mother taught me how to make them.